Why You Don’t Get to Choose

So sick and tired of the stupid debate, immature rhetoric, and bullshit that stands in the way of our progress. 

The skaters in this sport need to educate themselves. It’s time to nderstand the importance of working together and creating an industry. 

Don’t choose to sit around on social media, crying about what I call my boards and doing absolutely NOTHING for the sport at all. 

The net sum of this attitude is only increased negativity, and slower progress.

There are only four board companies in this sport. That means there are four active sets of people willing to get out there. 

They’ve take the risks in a TINY market incapable of making any money in its current state, and make a change in the world. I have equal respect for all of them. 

We have all created boards in an attempt to grow this sport, create an industry, to increase chances of survival, and generate more riders. 

None of the company owners care one iota that I call my boards pivotboards. 

It’s not confusing, either. 

The misguided rhetoric that me choosing to call my product a pivotboard is confusing to anybody, is complete bullshit. 

All the riders complaining about it aren’t confused. They understand 100%. 

People that have never seen these boards before (our primary market, in that we want to grow things) are not confused. 

They didn’t know about these boards until now.

We explain they used to be called snakeboards, and this is another version of that, they still don’t seem confused at all. In fact, they’ve only been more interested to find out more.

So no existing riders are confused, and no new customers are confused. 

If the new people are not confused, and existing riders are not confused, who is confused? 

Regardless of what you first knew a product as, it’s not confusing for it to have several names. 

Just within a few seconds, I can name a few products that have several names;

  1. Vacuum Cleaner, Hoover, Dyson.
  2. Sellotape, Scotch Tape, Parcel Tape, Packaging Tape
  3. Micro Scooter, Mini Scooter, Kick Scooter, Razor Scooter, Scooter
  4. Football, Soccer
  5. Elevator, Lift
  6. Freeway, Motorway, Autobahn

The list is literally endless, so I feel no need to continue. All of the above products are identical, and have different names.  

The one point that’s important about all of the above items, is that all of them are extremely popular. 

Billions of people in the world use these products, yet none of them have had their growth hampered by multiple names.  

There are thousands of products out there with several different names. There are even products that have different names in different countries, manufactured by the same companies. 

Is this confusing? Why do these massive companies do this? The answer is selling these products in different markets, is done differently. 

So looking at the ‘confusion rhetoric’ (as I like to call it), there really is no true basis, logic, or data to back up such a belief.

In fact, there IS an astounding ironic, and overwhelming hypocrisy within the statement. 

You just CAN’T SAY, “It’s confusing to call a streetboard another name,” when the product was originally CALLED ANOTHER NAME!!!! 

If it’s so overwhelmingly confusing to you to have another name, then why aren’t you still calling it a Snakeboard?
The confusion rhetoric has absolutely no basis. In fact, it’s hypocritical and ignorant to the sport’s history. 

That doesn’t mean it has absolutely no reason for anyone to believe it. 

I’ve had experience marketing and selling Snakeboards, streetboards, and pivotboards, in different markets, both to consumers and to retailers. 

My experience of the above, has lead me to understand that the only word I ever had problems of confusion, is when using the word Streetboard.

If you’re so worried about the confusion,  maybe you should get out there and start a streetboard company to compete with me.

Sell thousands and thousands of boards a year, please. I understand that you succeeding doesn’t mean I fail, I also understand that all growth is good growth. 

If my boards offend you, make better boards than me, market better than me, and sell more boards than me. 

That’s what I chose to do, and it works for me. I have the best boards ever made, that I created myself. 

We’re about to release some awesome bindings, then other products, too, so we can achieve our goals. 

I have to ask these people a question. What do you have to fear, that this project might succeed and work?

Is it actually wrong that the sport might grow and some people might call the boards pivotboards? 

Surely, if it’s possible to grow by another 25%, and that 25% of riders call the boards pivotboards, there’s still 25% more riders out there. That would be awesome!
What if it was possible for us to grow the sport by more than that? 

What if we grew the size of the sport by 1000%, and the sport was ten times it’s size? 

Would this growth and success offend you?  

Do you fear that I may have a positive and proactive enough approach to grow this sport bigger than it is now? 

The irony is that every single rider claims to want the sport to grow, they claim to want the sport to be more popular.  So why cry and complain when someone doing that, does it differently to the way YOU want it done?

If my proactive, positive approach to making this sport better, offends you, that makes no sense at all. 

If you want change, you have make choices to make it happen, instead of crying about the changes being made. 
My message to you is simple. Join me, and do it your way.

I love this sport, I love this board, and everything I have done so far has made them  better.

My boards are the best boards that have ever been produced. They’re second to none.

Riders now have more choices available to them than ever before. 

Not only is there another board company, but our boards are customizable. 

Our boards are made to order, in any stance you want. No other streetboard companies do this. 

I refuse to apologize for making better boards, giving riders more and better choices.

Call the sport whatever you want to, it’s impossible for you to offend me by doing so. 

If you want the changes to happen, be proactive and make them happen yourself. 

Sitting around and just talking or messaging on social media isn’t constructive to this industry. 

Denigrating somebody else’s positive efforts, and trying to spill false rhetoric in an attempt to thwart progress, can only be destructive and negative behavior. 

There should be no place in this sport for that sort of behavior. 

Progress will happen, growth will occur. You’ll either be a part of the success, positivity, and movement, or an unnecessary negative element.

 Ask yourself if you’re helping the sport by making up, or abhorring to such farcical nonsense.

If you’re not helping, you’re not helping. 

Wake up to the bullshit, and either stop not-helping (the minimum), or accept progress and start moving forwards with it. 

I intend to continue to make positive progress, new developments, new products, and a bigger future for this board. 

I don’t care if that offends you, and makes you want to blow smoke up everyone’s ass. If that’s your thing, go for it. 

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