Think like a kid and succeed

Most adults I know have unrealistic expectations, expecting amazing results with minimal effort.

These people walk through life complaining that they don’t have more than anyone else. They like to complain to everyone they know, yet do no more, to get anything more.

If you’re the average of your five friends, there’s probably a good reason these people often surround themselves with other whining complainers.

They may even have they’re own custom list of reasons, explaining why THEY can’t achieve more. These people produce excuses at the drop of a hat, as to why THEY ‘don’t have anything’, as they walk past the homeless guy into their apartment (who is way worse off than they actually are). They’re also carrying beer, drinking a $5.00 coffee, to go watching stupid mindless TV shows on their flatscreen TV.

They Deserve More

They’ll tell you how the world screwed them over. They deserve to have more.

At the same time, they share images of disabled people climbing Mt. Everest on Facebook, saying how inspirational that wonderful guy is to them.

Inspiring you to do what? Share a photo? To think of others capable of more than you? Fuck you, for insulting the efforts of the awesome guy you’ve been so ‘inspired’ by.

The same people also tweet about how the world won’t be the same without the music David Bowie (or the next dead celebrity). This tweet is literally translated as ‘don’t forget about me, I have problems, too!’  They’re wrapped up in their own narcisisstic, “I’m important, too.” mentality.

All the while they sit playing games on the smart phone they have because their friends got the same one. These devices we’re entitled to own.

The same can’t afford diapers for their children, or tires for their car, but they own a smart phone, drink beer and smoke cigarettes every day.

In the same way, these people drive around in cars they can’t  ACTUALLY afford.  They are, however, entitled to owning that car. ‘Everyone’ has a car, which is why they have a car payment for the car they cant really afford. They ‘must have’ the car to get to work’. How could they survive without the car they need  to go to the job they hate, to pay for the vehicle, phone, cable tv, internet, and all other ‘necessities’ they’re entitled to, as an American?

Now they COULD be using the smart phone to run a blog, write a book, design a product, network, or start a part-time business to earn more, but they’re not.

Too Busy, My Ass

Instead, they’re too ‘busy’. Mostly busy telling themselves the reason they can’t use computers or technology because they couldn’t afford to go to college.

Convinced in the excuse that they’re either too dumb, too smart, too tall, too short-sighted, knock-kneed, have a lisp, were yelled at too much as a kid. In reality maybe they just don’t want to work hard enough.

They’re actually busy telling you they don’t know the right people, and aren’t well connected. Busy staying in denial of the amount of effort required to get ahead, but fully aware of all the excuses as to why THEY can’t.

If you use your creativity to produce  bullshit excuses as to why you CAN’T do something, your going to fulfil your own creative prophecy to the letter.

Never believe in your own bullshit, especially when you know deep down, you had to make it up in the first place.

You’re not a product of your environment

You’re not a product of your environment, you’re a product of your efforts and actions.

Something went wrong somewhere, and you stopped thinking and acting creatively.

Perhaps you stopped trying new ideas because too many adults told you that your ideas wouldn’t work.

Instead, you looked for reasons why something wouldn’t work, before trying.

Something went wrong somewhere

As a child you knew only of infinite possibilities, and chasing your dream.

Come be a child with me. Their beliefs are so much more realistic and truthful.

How often have you heard a child’s brutal honesty, innocently calling their overweight friend or relative fat? Not to hurt their feelings, but because kids are innocent and honest, like you COULD be with yourself.

If we were as brutally honest with ourselves, as children are with us, we’d probably ALL be millionaires, be slim, and own everything we want in life.

Being self aware is something we all must learn.

Look at your life through the eyes of a child, and simplify everything.

No More Excuses

If a child sees a smoker coughing, they’re immdeiately concerned. The kid will probably tell the smoker with all sincerity,  sensitivity, and concern, that they should stop smoking, and be 100% correct.

You may give the world excuses, or have your own reasons for not quitting. You’ve even convinced yourself that you NEED to smoke. BULLSHIT. You’ve over complicated it as an adult, and you’re 100% wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, all this comes from a former 30-a-day, 12 year smoking veteran, that quit, so  I was wrong for many years, too.

Most of life is pretty simple when looked at in those kind of straight up, honest terms.

If something in your surroundings isn’t right for you, and you want to change it, you can.

Take your problem, apply child-like innocence, honesty, and logic. You’ll probably find the solution that’s been staring you in the face for years, is the right one.

You’re adult bullshit creativity is standing in your way. Instead, simplify everything, and think like a kid.

I have quite a few examples of this in my life, and I’m going to be sharing them with you in my blog here.

In the meantime, however, if you’d like to share an example of how this has applied to you, I’d love to hear about them.

If this article has set off a spark inside your head, let me hear it.

Maybe you have an issue that you’re wondering how this logic could possibly  apply. Hit me up, a problem shared is a problem halved.

You can either comment on this post, or email me, I’d be glad to hear from you.

Speak Soon,


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