Skyscape #1 – San Marcos, CA – Sunset – Flame Sky

I find the sky fascinating. Not in any ridiculous sense, but just in an instantaneous, spur-of-the-moment sense. Don’t get me wrong, I never used to.

I  see something that inspires me to photograph it, so I pull out my iPhone 6 and capture it. This blog is my conduit to share these images.

skyscape - sunset - san marcos, ca

A few years ago, shortly after getting my first iPhone 4, I began snapping quick photos of the sky.

I don’t go out of my way to take them, either.

These are just photos snapped out of the window of my car, or I’ll momentarily pause while walking, simply because the sky has caught my attention.

I’m sure I didn’t create the phrase (or maybe I did), but I call them ‘skyscapes’ (as opposed to landscapes).

I hope you’ll enjoy them. Although these photos are pretty much landscapes, as the blog continues, you’ll see how I came to coin this phrase in relation to these photos.

scooter kid - skyscape - san marcos, CA - sunset

I’ve no idea what made me start taking these photos, but I felt drawn to doing it, so it felt like something I should be doing.

These photos were taken as I arrived one evening, at the skatepark in San Marcos, California.

I hope you enjoy them, I think some of them are breathtaking, although not as breathtaking as it was to actually see them.



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