– What’s my Niche?

My Moment of Clarity

So, for about 6 months or so… …or if I was to be a little more honest with myself, for about 2-3 YEARS or so now, I still hadn’t nailed down what EXACTLY what my niche will be with this blog.

In fact, it’s been somewhat of a genuine struggle of mine.

I’ve spent the last few years trying to figure out what to write about, and how to make money online from a blog. Sound familiar?

I was trying to figure out what I was going to write about exactly, how to monetize it, which niche of my segment I should market to, etc. Learning how to SEO correctly, what social media platforms will best suit my needs, what niche to go for, etc.

For a few years I’ve been so worried about HOW to get started, and WHAT I should write about, I’ve done absolutely NOTHING AT ALL that’s productive.

This was my moment of clarity.

Finally, I was brutally honest enough with myself. If I had started a few years ago when I registered this domain, this blog would have traffic and subscribers by now.

Then something else dawned on me.

My Educational Distraction

I finally realized this evening, I’ve spent ludicrous amounts of time ‘researching’.

I’ve read blogs and subscription websites, listened to podcasts, and researched niche keywords. I’ve spent years reading emails from blog owners. I’ve watched SO many series of videos, waiting to find the final list of instructions, or complete set of information I needed to get going.

At one point, I had so many emails in my inbox, I never had the time to read them all.

About 5 minutes ago I finally realized something. There’s absolutely no point in ANY of that stuff. It’s been as time-wasting, and counter-productive as any other distraction ever.

Can you IMAGINE THAT?? The people that appear to be offering help, have actually slowed me down! It started out as research and self-improvement. I had hoped to learn skills I needed to succeed.

I’ve often spent entire weekends going through the next new online course, hoping to unlock some kind of secret somewhere, hoping it would help me get going in the right direction, to no avail.

Online ‘Gurus’

I wonder if anyone else reading this article has ever come to this same realization?

MANY of the people out there online, claim to be giving you helpful, actionable content. Many of them are actually just a big TEASE.

I realized the information many of these bloggers were giving me wasn’t ACTUALLY of any use to me. Many of them are close replicas of each other, or bad copies of the good guys.

Of course, you always have to subscribe to an email list just to get an ebook, or to access one page of info you really wanted. Then you get drip-fed their ideas and theories for weeks on end. Many of these blogs are carbon copies of the others, set up for you to take a ‘free course’, or to receive yet another free eBook, only to flood your inbox with even more of the same information everyone else has.

Don’t get me wrong, there ARE good guys out there, but I’ve been down a ‘rabbit hole’ with so many of the others.

The Big Tease

Many of them are a big tease, often ‘specifically vague‘ in the information. You must then go down the funnel and pay them for any real information.

This is often their ‘premium content’, course, book, or product. Often it’s just the same old stuff, or just straight up old-fashioned practical business advice, that would be of benefit to you whether the internet existed or not.

The part that sucks about all of this? Almost all of these things they are promising to teach you, are available to you COMPLETELY FREE somewhere, if you research the subject. The problem is, it’s often hard to find this stuff through google, because these people have SEO’d their sites to appear first.

There are techniques, and there are things to learn along the way, but understand that … almost NONE of them are SECRETS at all!

Almost all of these email, video, ebooks and courses, are common sense business practices, or free information being rehashed, or copied from the good guys, that are giving it away for free.

What I Failed to Do

MY big distraction was that I was so busy reading, taking courses, looking for the right niche, finding keywords, I didn’t do ANYTHING AT ALL.

I was researching everything, waiting for everything to be perfect, gathering all the knowledge, but I failed to do the one thing worth anything in business.


The number 1 thing worth anything in business, is taking action.

I could’ve tried and failed 15 times by now, and that would’ve been much more productive than all this distracting ‘research’. Perhaps then, my niche could’ve been failed a few times, but failure is a stepping stone to success. At least I would’ve got something done, and be on my way to something.

The ‘Secret’ to Making Money Online

There’s no secret to making money online.

People often act as if the online world is a different world to the one we live in. It’s not.

The same principles apply online, as do offline, when it comes to business.The same things you would do selling at the farmer’s market, swap meet, or local store, apply online, too.

The Three Principles of any Product, Service, or Course

If you have a product, service, or course, then it must apply these three principles to have any success at all;

The following three principles apply to any type of business. They are undeniable, obscenely obvious, yet can be immensely complicated to apply. Try to think of any good product, service, or course, or even a bad one. It’s usually because these principles were applied well, or not at all, as to whether the product succeeded or failed.

  1. Provide a Solution to a Problem

    Every good product ever made, provides a solution to a problem. Soap provides a solution to being dirty and smelling bad. Oil or grease prevent parts from seizing or overheating from friction. All products start with a problem, and end in a solution.

  2. Give Value to the Customer or Client

    ‘Give Value’, doesn’t mean making something cost less. Far from it. By giving value, I mean providing you with something that you value. being informative can be of great value to someone. They may even pay for this value, providing it’s worth something to them. Either way, everything produced must hold value, or bring value to the customer or client, or they don’t need it.

  3. Price Accordingly

    Price your product too high, and nobody will buy it. Price it too low, and you may either be perceived as cheap, or you may not make as much money as you could, or worse still, lose money on the product.

So there you have it. Very simply put, your product must be of value to me, at the right price, and provide a solution to my problem. Then I’ll happily buy it from you, over and over again.


Don’t Pay for Irony

The only way some of these online people are making any money at all, will be from teaching you ‘the secrets of making money online’. You’re paying for their discreet irony.

I would even be as bold as to say that MANY of these online gurus don’t make money in any other way, than selling you free information. Some of them even claim their earnings, as proof of them having useful information. In actual fact, this is only proof that they’re able to make money from YOU.

You ARE their source of income. You ARE their secret.

You’ve heard it before, ‘I make a living online, and live the laptop lifestyle, and I can show you how I do it’. You wanna know how they do it? THAT’S EASY! …they do it by selling YOU the ‘SECRET’ idea of making money online. That’s the only secret there is!

The principles are the same ANYWHERE, not just online, or on a web site.

Breaking Down Barriers

I’ve decided it’s time to break down the barriers with this web site a little bit. Let’s get under the hood of the internet, and figure out exactly what you’re supposed to, or not supposed to, be doing.

I’ve decided to (at least at this point) ‘give away’ all of these ideas, theories, and secrets, for free.

Why? I feel it’s immensely unfair for people to sell you free information, because you have a lack of knowledge. I should be helping you.

Don’t get me wrong. I pay for things, but only worth paying for, that are of value, and solve my problem (see a pattern forming here?)

Things that ARE Worth Paying For…


I pay for books on subjects I wish to learn, for research, and I recommend this to all entrepreneurs. I’ve learned many great skills from the guys in this industry that are worth listening to, and worth buying their books. Many of them give away a lot of actionable, free content, and I admire them.

I’ll definitely be adding some book reviews, and a list of books very much worth reading, that will help you advance in your business.


I pay for services that require me to pay for them, that bring me value.

I pay for hosting, domains, and other services like advertising, that are of benefit to me.

So in essence, pay for the good stuff, but don’t fall for anyone telling you they have the secret to SEO. They don’t hold the secret to affiliate marketing, to making money with a blog, or any other obscenely ridiculous claims, either.

You will be able to read about all of these things here for free, with evidence that my techniques work.

Learn from Being Broke

I’ve managed to learn a lot from being broke. I consider ‘being broke’, an asset to me.

I’ve had the good fortune of never having the money to pay them to get their ‘premium content’. I guess being ‘street-smart’ and broke, paid off in the end. Instead I just researched and learned everything they were claiming should cost me money.

I find it incredibly unfair, and insincere for anyone to sell this information. Instead, I want to teach everyone everything they can possibly learn for free, right here.

Am I Insane?

No, not at all. It seems outright insane to me, that people claim to be making really good money online, yet then still want to make more by selling their ‘secret’ to you.

Surely if they’re making good money, they don’t need to make more by charging you for information they used to get where they are today.

I understand that the ‘secret’ they claim to be selling you, could be useful information, and may help you make money. The problem I have, is if this information is readily available to you for free SOMEWHERE, then you shouldn’t have to pay.

A more disciplined approach

So in my moment of clarity, I intend to become more disciplined in my approach.

I’m going take each piece of useful information that someone is selling, and produce well written free content for you. You don’t need pay for it anywhere, just stick with me, and I’ll get you what you need.

AM I crazy? Don’t care about making money? Don’t be silly, of course I care about making money, I’m an entrepreneur.

I just feel that there are better ways to provide value. There are ways to make money that don’t involve withholding free information and acting like a smart-ass, and charging you for the free stuff.

Why do I care?

I get it, you’re probably wondering why I even care at all. Why do I give a rat’s ass about this subject at all? The reason why is because I’VE BEEN BROKE AS HELL.

I want broke people like me, to have the best chance to make something out of themselves. The last thing that motivated, driven, broke people need, is to be ripped off by another smart-ass. People that come from where similar situations to myself understand the value of free information.

You truly CAN start a business with very little money, and succeed.

I’ve done it several times in several niche markets. What we DON’T need, is to be sold information that can help us succeed, just to line the pockets of a smart ass, then find out better information for free shortly down the line. That has no value to me.

I want other people like me to be successful, and share in their success.

There’s plenty of room for more millionaires in the world, there’s another millionaire created every single day, the world over.


So, What’s my Niche?

I’ll figure out how to make money somewhere along the line. When I do, I’ll let you know how to do it, too.

There’s room in the world for more than one millionaire, and if I can help you make your first million online while I’m making mine, I’ll feel good about that.

I’ll have courses, articles, tutorials, videos to follow, and much more here.

Let’s succeed together, let’s help each other do it, and let’s help others do it, also.

What’s my niche?

My niche is FREE ONLINE BUSINESS INFORMATION, and lots of it.

My Challenge to You

So what do I ask of you today? Let me know what you need from me.

You can pay me today, and offer me value, by commenting, emailing me, or messaging me.  Ask me for information about any online business subject, and I’ll put together an article or course for you to follow, for free.

You can then give me feedback when it’s done, so I can help improve that course, to further HELP you with whatever you’re struggling with.


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