Get Rid of Bad Friends Today

I made a conscious choice today to block some people out of my life, that don’t deserve to be in it.

Sometimes people are disguised as friends, and even believe they ARE, but instead actually bring ZERO value to your life.

Don’t get me wrong, I even think some of them BELIEVE they actually ARE being friendly towards you, or acting as a friend.

When you realize someone leaves you feeling negative about yourself and the world around you, too many times, it’s time for them to go. Better never to talk to them again.

Your friends should support you, and possibly advise you. When the ‘advise’ comes in the form of degradation, personal criticism, and derogatory comments about your personality, these people are not your friends.

They are a cancer in your life.

I’d rather have an honest enemy than a dishonest, condescending, derogatory friend.

If you know what your faults are, you can try your best to improve, and to be a better person.

You don’t need a ‘friend’ that only ever wants to point out your faults, and use them as a weapon against you.

Friends should never be against you. That is the definition of an enemy.

It’s okay for friends to disagree on things, but to be against you for having that belief, crosses the line.

Your faults are part of your personality. A friend should not have an agenda to try and change who you are to suit them.

Self awareness helps you understand those faults, and you can work on you, but you are still you.

If your friends use their opinions of you to try and change who you are to fit their social circle, sway your opinion, make you feel bad to be yourself and have your opinion, they were NEVER your friend at all. You’re just not convenient for them.

They’re basically telling you that you are not good enough for them, they are better than you in their eyes, and do not accept you for who you are.

Get rid of these antiquated pieces of shit from your life. They only will serve to hold you back.

Live free, become liberated, spread your wings, and rid yourself of these miserable pathetic people.

Chances are, if you feel a certain way about something, there’s a real reason behind it. Follow your gut, and go with it.

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