Business is a Complex yet Beautiful Thing

Business is a complex, yet beautiful thing.

It’s like a force of nature. It’s exquisite complexities and abundant amount of power, never cease to fascinate and intrigue me.

Business is complicated yet beautiful

To me, each business is as complicated and beautiful as an infinite fractal pattern, or cloud formation. Unique in its qualities and patterns, and infinitely exquisite. Accidentally beautiful, powerful and meek at the same time.

Welcome to the world of business, where no two moments are ever the same.

Dreams Become Reality

Each and every business was envisioned in a dream space, created by the phenomenon of the human mind, then evolved into a functional personification of such a vision.


Read the above paragraph sentence again, and think of absolutely ANY product in the world. Once you start to think about how that product or service became a reality. That product instantly becomes something fascinating, and amazing.

Imagine you are the person starting with nothing. You’re creating a business from a thought, the imagined vision, or epiphany. Write down the steps you would have to take to make that product become a reality.

Include the design, and the parts of the design you’re unsure about, but need to find a solution to. These initial thoughts that seem easy,  can often take business people and inventors worldwide, years to accomplish.

The steps they overcome, the adversity, the will to achieve against all odds, and adaptations of the original vision, to the eventual realization of the dream.

This is fascinating to me. Each and every product or service globally, all had a similar journey from conception to creation. Each with their own unique struggles and breakthroughs, hardships and emotional journey.

Products Provide Solutions


Every product ever made worth buying, is a precious and valuable item, that provides a solution to a problem.

When you begin to look at every day products in this way, you begin to really understand the intricacies of products. The minds that created them, and the people behind the dream that took the leap of faith.

Never once have I found being in business or owning a business, boring.

Business is not a Job

No job I’ve ever had, has shown me as many unique and varied challenges requiring creativity to overcome them, as creating and owning a business has.

Within most jobs, you have one task or profession, one area of responsibility to take care of. In business you get to be whoever, and whatever you choose to be, or need to be at that moment. Often that can change day-to-day, or minute-to-minute.


You can wear as many hats, or as few as you like. You can work whenever you want to. This unfortunately has a certain irony to it, because most business owners are passionate about what they do. We can often find it hard to put our work down, or consider it work at all.

The enjoy the education I constantly receive, the excitement, the pitfalls and climbs of the hustle.

Being a business owner is nothing like having a job, it’s more like parenthood. You brought your dream to life, and now you’re caring for it in infancy. You allow it to it grow, then sending it out into the world to interact with others.

The civil responsibility to continue to care for your business, and love it no matter what it does to you. You’ll always be it’s Mommy or Daddy, forever.

The bootstrapping, using the power of broke to create a dream. Feeling motivated to make things happen, taking the tiniest steps towards your entrepreneurial goal. The eventual glory when the task is completed, only to be replaced by another equal or greater task.

Relentless in your Pursuit

Absolutely ALL  successful entrepreneurs have the exact same ability… …to absolutely NEVER quit, ever.

Business People Never Quit

The world’s greatest landmarks have been formed from the application of a small amount of pressure, constantly, over time. Whether this was water, ice, or some other form of pressure.

The small amount of pressure and forwards motion that an entrepreneur applies to their dream, are exactly the same thing to me. We’re just carving out our own Grand Canyons with our plastic sporks, or bare hands, whatever it need be.

You don’t need others to understand your dream, or your goals, that’s why they’re YOUR goals, and not theirs. You don’t need anyone’s support or approval to go and do what you want.

We’re Wired Differently

We’re wired differently. Whilst others may say it’s impossible, we’re thinking, and looking for minute possibilities to achieve that impossible. After all, there’s 360 degrees to a circle, and as many or more approaches to achieving what you want, or overcoming a challenge.

If entrepreneurs didn’t possess the ability to see things other can’t, they wouldn’t be successful, they’d quit long before that happened.


It’s okay to be different, understand it’s NECESSARY to be different, in order to be an entrepreneur.

We’re wired differently, and we think differently, that’s why we are who we are. We’re the ones that make a difference in this world, instead of just accepting what’s given to us, and accept the status quo.

An Evolution

A Business constantly evolves, which keeps it so absolutely interesting and enjoyable.


At times you could be overwhelmed with a mountain of tasks to complete or delegate. At other times the machine is humming away, and you’re just enjoying the calming nature of a job well done.

There’s a certain serene beauty of watching a business run, when everything’s in line.

There’s that great feeling when a client or customer describes why they choose your product. It’s exciting to listen as they describe the way it solves their problem, and meets their needs perfectly.

This is what I call the ‘proud parent’ entrepreneurial moment.

We’re the Outliers

There’s the absolute liberation of being able to choose your own hours or work your own schedule. You can write off expenses, work on something you created, make all the decisions, and you’re the person in charge.

You can sometimes feel like a rogue, hacking through, ducking and diving in between everybody else busy working their 9-5’s. Working when everyone’s relaxing, doing your groceries on a Wednesday afternoon.  Always driving when there’s no traffic, when everybody else is at work because it’s more efficient that way.


This of course comes alongside 80-hour-work-weeks, the responsibility for everything, and ultimately paying the price if things go wrong. Often you’re a slave to your own dream, which you wouldn’t give up on for the world.

Then there’s the opposite of that, when you hardly ever have to show up (read The Four Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris), because the monster you created is out there destroying the world for you. The financial gratification and absolute joy of getting it right, and the pitfalls and challenges of getting things wrong, with a sudden need to correct course.

The equal and opposite challenges faced in either, keeps us on our toes. We must be flexible and adaptable at times, relentless and unyielding at others.

Elementary, my Dear Watson

Never did any job use my mind in such a complete and vigorous manner, as owning a business.

There are SO many elements to business. It’s a daunting prospect for me to even attempt to scratch the surface within the confines of just this one article.

There are aspects of business that are learned skills. Many of them are universal, and can be applied to almost any company or product. There are also unique skills, challenges and methods, that will only apply to your own particular product, or business.


Most of these skills will be learned the hard way. Expect this to be the way, this is your fate, or at least until you can afford to pay someone better than you to do it for you.

Parts of business are emotional, and form naturally within our hearts and minds from the very first day we step out into the entrepreneurial world. Others are black and white, and never lie, like the numbers.

The Newborn Entrepreneur

We step into the entrepreneurial world as a newborn, begin a journey, and a transformation occurs whereby a business person eventually emerges.


every new venture, you feel like a newborn again

The entrepreneurial mindset developed, although a conditioned state, becomes the most comfortable and enjoyable thing.

Parental and maternal one minute, as innocent and child-like the next, taking ownership, direction, and control when necessary.

There are often multiple, flexible and adaptive approaches to situations and experiences in business. At other times, there’s nothing but a relentless shoulder-to-the-wind, solid push against all elements to force things through.

A Kindred Spirit

I absolutely love the connection found, when sitting and talking over business with another like-minded entrepreneur.

Our products or businesses may have absolutely nothing in common. The excited conversations, however, are often akin to that of 10-year-old school kids discussing the latest action movies.


Whether the conversation pertains to marketing, leadership, accounting, bookwork,  or artwork. Materials, management, product design, or development of code in your latest app. Nobody can talk as passionately or as excited as two entrepreneurs discussing their baby.

This type of connection and enthusiasm is so rarely found in an employee-to-employee conversation.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’ve just never had a 6 hour long conversation with another guy about his job. Business is the opposite. I’ve often spent hours and hours talking about products we’re releasing. Discussing marketing events we’ve got coming up, or how we can help each other. That’s always so much fun.

The Business Mindset

Being in business is a mindset. It takes a certain type of person to do it. Nobody’s born with it, it simply comes to you over time. Especially during the experiences and the challenges you face when owning a business.

Whether you’re brand new to the game, or old-school and streamlined in your approaches and solutions. Take a moment to celebrate the world around you, and celebrate the opportunities presented to you every single day you put your clothes on in the morning.

If you’re just starting out in business or entrepreneurship, don’t be overwhelmed. Let me welcome you into a bold and bright new world. In this world, you own your future, and get everything you deserve.

I’d be more than happy to help anyone starting out, or anyone with questions about developing their business or product. Even if you’re just trying to hone some skills you already have.

If there are any questions you have or challenges you’re currently facing, drop me a line. I’ll see if I can help, or suggest a solution.

In business, we need as many friends and allies as we can get. A healthy network of successful people is worth it’s weight in gold.

Either email me directly at, or drop a comment in the box below, we’ll see what we can do.

Thank you for reading.


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